Website redesign for Des Madre Tequila.

DesMaDre Tequila, founded by Marcos J. Higareda, originated with the family-owned Casa Ramirez distillery.  Marcos is joined by Rosendo Ramirez Gamino, and Rosendo Ramirez Falcon, father & son team.  Together, the three men focus on offering fine, handcrafted, 100% de agave Tequilas for consumers who demand quality as well as affordability.

To enhance user experience we implemented a parallax scrolling design for this website.  A rustic old western theme was incorporated to highlight the already developed product branding.

This site was developed in collaboration with ENTHEHOUSE Creative Service Agency.

  • Project Type: Website Development
  • Skills Needed: HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Customer: Des Madre Tequila
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Website: