Website redesign for

Wystone’s World Teas is a tea retailer based in the Denver Colorado area. They focus on educating people about the health benefits, varieties, and preparation of tea.  The also sell over 150 of the highest quality whole and loose leaf teas and accessories online and in their Colorado tea bar.

Before we began this project, Wystone’s used 3 different websites.  One site was used strictly for ecommerce, while the other two websites were for each of their business locations.  So as a part of the redesign, we combined each of the previously existing websites into a single cohesively branded web presence.  The new is now the online home for their retail business, brick and mortar locations, as well as a resource for information about teas.

  • Project Type: Website Development
  • Skills Needed: HTML, CSS
  • Customer: Wystone's World Teas
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Website: